2023-2024 College Catalog

Course Descriptions

TBCC offers a mix of lower division credit and career technical education courses. Course prefixes for LDC and CTE courses are listed below (for example, all courses in Biology start with the “BI” prefix, while all courses in Business Administration start with the “BA” prefix. Note that courses numbered below 100 are not usually transferable. Check with a career education advisor to determine what courses apply to your degree.

Lower Division Collegiate (LDC) Course Codes

AG: Agriculture
ANS: Animal Science
ART: Art
BA: Business Administration
BI: Biology
CG: Career Guidance & Student Success
CH: Chemistry
COMM: Communications
Computer Science
COMM: Communications
EC: Economics
ED Education
ENG: English
ESR: Environmental Studies
FN: Foods & Nutrition (225)
FOR Forestry
FW Fish and Wildlife
G: Geology
GEO: Geography
GS: General Science
HE: Health
HORT Horticulture
HST: History
LEAD Leadership
LIB: Library
MTH: Mathematics
MUS: Music
NAT Natural Resources
PE: Physical Education
PHL: Philosophy
PHY: Physics
PS: Political Science
PSY: Psychology
SOC: Sociology
SOIL Soil Science
SPA: Spanish
WR: Writing

(Only course numbers 100-299 are LDC at TBCC)

Career and Technical Education Courses (CTE)*

Allied Health
APR: Apprenticeship
CAS: Computer Applications
CJA: Criminal Justice
DRF: Drafting
ELT: Electrical Trades
EMS: Emergency Medical Technician
FN: Foods and Nutrition
FST: Food Science Technology
GT: Green Technology
IMT: Industrial Maintenance Technology
MCH: Machine Manufacturing Technology
WLD: Welding Technology

*Many career and technical courses are applicable to the baccalaureate degree. Check with the BA/BS-granting institution.