2021-2022 College Catalog

Occupational Skills Training Certificate


The Occupational Skills Training (OST) program is a one-year certificate program that provides a unique combination of academic learning and hands-on training in the students’ field of choice to obtain gainful employment. Students earn up to 50% of their program credits through training at local business sites. Almost any occupation can be addressed provided the following conditions are met; 

  • There are jobs available in the chosen field that lead to gainful employment at a living wage. 
  • There is an appropriate training site available in the community. 
  • The occupational goal is appropriate to the program length of one year. 
  • There is no overlap with other TBCC programs of study. 

Customized learning goals for hands-on training are developed for each student by program faculty. These goals are chosen with care to ensure students’ preparation for entry-level employment in the specific occupation of choice. Student progress will be evaluated by TBCC faculty with input from training site supervisors. Required academic coursework includes general education courses to increase knowledge of basic skills common to all work environments. Students are required to take elective coursework related to their chosen occupational goals. Credits earned in this program may be applied to the Associate of General Studies degree. The OST program by itself is not financial aid eligible.

Associated program: Associate of General Studies

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will complete hands-on training in the field exhibiting skills needed for gainful employment.
  • Students will identify and complete an academic program of study relevant to their individual career aspirations.

Degree Map

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