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Associate of Science in Animal Science



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Associate of Science in Animal Science

Does working directly with animals spark your interest? If so, the Associate of Science in Animal Sciences might be for you.  This degree is for students who are interested in pursuing a career in production in meat, eggs or wool, becoming a veterinarian, or working in nutrition.  

This degree aligns with the courses in the Animal Science degree at Oregon State University (OSU). Students who want to directly transfer to OSU after completing this degree, are highly encouraged to work directly with an OSU academic advisor.

Some of the classes within this degree can be completed in high school, so if this is a degree for you, contact your high school counselor to find out which classes you could take before coming to TBCC.

Associate of Science in Animal Sciences = 95 credits (100 credits for pre-vet option)

  • See the degree worksheet on the following pages for course requirements

For additional information about this degree, please contact the OSU Open Campus Education Coordinator/TBCC Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Forestry Coordinator at 503-842-8222 ext. 1870.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Associate of Science in Animal Science, students will be able to:

  • Integrate and apply essential core information about production methods of two different species.
  • Understand the academic and applied functions of the reproduction process for multiple species.
  • Clearly articulate the chemistry and practical formulation for animal diets.
  • Understand the behavior of traditional animal species and the ethical implications of production methods for these species.
  • Meets general education outcomes.

Degree Worksheet

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Degree Map

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