2021-2022 College Catalog

Drug Free Workplace/School Policy

TBCC recognizes controlled substance abuse as illegal and interfering with effective teaching, work, and the development of a safe and healthy environment for learning. The college has a fundamental legal and ethical obligation to prevent controlled substance abuse and to maintain an alcohol/drug-free work and educational environment.

See the college website, www.tillamookbaycc.edu for detailed information on drugs and their harmful effects, counseling and assistance programs, state and federal laws, and college policies pertaining to the illegal use of drugs.

A. Alcohol, Marijuana, and Controlled Substances

The manufacturing, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of alcoholic liquor, intoxicants, marijuana or controlled substances not medically prescribed, or being under the influence of these to any degree by any employee in or about the college buildings or on the college premises or while performing any duties for the college, is prohibited and is cause for suspension and/or dismissal. If the employee is not dismissed, suspension may be imposed in combination with a requirement to complete a drug or alcohol treatment and rehabilitation program.

All employees are required to abide by this alcohol and drug-free workplace policy. In addition, they shall notify the director of facilities, human resources and safety within five (5) days of their conviction for a violation of substance abuse laws involving the workplace, or if they became aware that another employee has been convicted of such a violation.

Employees may seek referral assistance from the director of facilities, human resources and safety in connection with alcohol or drug-related problems. Reasonable efforts shall be made to handle such requests confidentially. Requests for assistance are encouraged and will not themselves be considered as ground for dismissal. Such requests shall not, however, excuse violations prohibited by this policy.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages by an employee at a social function held in relation to an employee’s work for the college does not, by itself, constitute a violation of this policy, provided the employee remains in compliance with all state or local laws and other provisions of this policy.

B. Student Violations:

Possession, consumption, being under the influence or furnishing of alcoholic beverages (as identified by federal or state law) or marijuana on college-owned or controlled property or at college or student organization supervised functions, except as provided by rules and procedures of the Tillamook Bay Community College Board of Education.

Possession, consumption, being under the influence or furnishing of marijuana, a narcotic or dangerous drug, as defined by ORS 475 and ORS 167.203 to 167.252 (is now law or hereinafter amended), except when use or possession is lawfully prescribed by an authorized medical doctor or dentist.

C. Student Penalties:

  1. Expulsion from Tillamook Bay Community College (i.e., permanent removal of the privilege to attend Tillamook Bay Community College)
  2. Suspension from Tillamook Bay Community College for a definite period of time and/or pending the satisfaction of conditions for readmission, (i.e., suspension of the privilege to attend Tillamook Bay Community College)
  3. Removal from class(es) for which the student is currently registered
  4. Restitution for damages
  5. A specified period of college and/or community service
  6. Disciplinary probation with or without the loss of privileges for a definite period of time. The violation of the terms of the disciplinary probation or the breaking of any college rule during the probation period may be grounds for suspension or expulsion from the college
  7. Disciplinary admonition and warning
  8. Any other sanction the college deems educationally appropriate.

The preceding is from TBCC policy Article 312 Drug Free Workplace/ School Policy. This information is also available in hard copy from Student Services.