2020-2021 College Catalog

G 202 Physical Geology

Focuses on geologic processes acting on creation of landforms, including mass wasting, streams, glaciers, deserts, beaches, groundwater, and use of topographic maps. Includes weekly lab. Prerequisite: RDWR 115 and MTH 70 or placement above these levels. Additional supply fee may be required. Fulfills Math, Science, Computer Science (with lab) requirements for General Education Addendum: This course is intended for both geology majors and non-majors, and is the second term of a year of beginning college geology. Physical geology is concerned with earth materials and geologic processes acting on the earth. G 202 deals mainly with surficial geologic processes. This course can be used to partly fulfill graduation requirements for the Associate Degree, and has been approved for block transfer. The text and materials have been chosen by the faculty and the emphasis of the course will be the viewpoint of the author(s). This includes the concepts of geologic time and the evolution of the Earth.