2019-2020 College Catalog

Dropping Courses

Prior to the published drop deadlines, students may drop any registered course by completing the official drop process. Such action by the student will result in no charges for the course or courses (or reimbursement will be made if charges have already been paid), and the course or courses will not appear on the student's transcript. Please note that even late start credit classes must be dropped by the add/drop deadline.

Dropping Courses During Registration

  • Go to MyTBCC
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click Add/Drop Courses link
  • The courses you have registered for will be listed on this screen
  • Check the DROP checkbox next to the course you plan to drop

Dropping Courses the First Week of Classes

Courses may be dropped through the first week of classes by following the steps outlined above in the section ‘Dropping Courses During Registration,’ or by filling out a Registration & Change form available from Student Services. For registration concerns, call Student Services (503) 842-8222 ext. 1100.

Official Course Withdrawal

Withdrawing will result in a grade of “W” appearing for the course or courses on your transcript. The student’s withdrawal date is based on the date that the college is provided with “official” notice of withdrawal. Official notice occurs when the Student Services Office is notified of intent to withdraw via the completion of a withdrawal form.

Withdrawing from College

You may formally withdraw from all courses by filing a withdrawal form with Student Services. If you have applied for financial aid or veterans’ benefits, you must also notify the appropriate office of your intentions to withdraw as your financial aid may be impacted.