2019-2020 College Catalog

Career Technical and Career Pathway Certificates

Certificate Programs, 45 Credits or More

Certificates of 45 or more credits at TBCC have a recognizable core of related instruction (or general education) that consists of communication, computation and human relations that align with certificate goals and objectives. At TBCC these requirements are met by general education requirements. TBCC does not engage in embedded instruction in order to meet general education requirements at this time. 

Unless otherwise noted, the following apply; 

  • Complete all courses with a minimum grade of "D" or "Pass" or better. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  • General Education courses must include; 
    • Writing: WR 121 or a technical/business writing course 
    • Oral Communication: COMM 111 or BA 205 
    • Math: MTH 105 or higher 
    • Information Literacy: embedded within WR course 
    • Human Relations: PSY 101 or BA 285 
    • A Maximum of 21 credits can be from Credit for Prior Learning (CPL). 
  • 12 credits are required to meet residency at TBCC, 9 of which must apply to the certificate for which the student is being awarded.  
  • Credit courses numbered below 100 cannot be used to fulfill the credit minimum requirements for certificates (unless specifically indicated in the program degree map). 

Career Pathway Certificates 

Career Pathway Certificates are short-term credentials (12-44 credits) which prepare individuals for entry-level employment within an occupational area. Career Pathway Certificates may be the first certificate a student earns while pursuing a certificate of greater length or an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. Information about Career Pathways in specific areas of study can be found in the Programs and Disciplines section of the catalog under individual career technical programs. Based upon credit hours, career pathway certificates need to meet less than one year or one year certificate requirements. 

  • Career Pathways Certificates (less than one year)

    Career Pathways Certificates (CPC) are short-term, industry driven certificates that may serve as an entry way into a certificate or degree in a Career and Technical Education field. CPC’s must be tied to a one year certificate or an AAS degree (and contain only classes within that certificate or degree).  CPC’s do not contain embedded instruction, related instruction or a general education core.  

    Unless otherwise noted, the following apply; 
    • Credit courses numbered below 100 cannot be used to fulfill the credit minimum requirements for certificates.
    • At least six credits must be earned at TBCC, all of which must apply to the certificate requirements. A maximum of 4 credits of Pass grades will apply to any less than one year certificate. Specific less than one year certificates that deviate from this maximum will state their Pass/No Pass maximum in the requirements for that specific certificate.  
    • Only nine credits of 199 and 299 experimental courses apply.