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Associate of Science in Natural Resources



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Have you considered spending your career outdoors or in a work environment that focuses on the natural environment around us? Your future career could include occupations such as a riparian/watershed specialist, recreation manager, forest/wildlife ecologist, or a wildland law enforcement officer. The Associate of Science in Natural Resources prepares students to complete the preliminary education needed for these professions. 

Upon completion of this degree, students should have completed all necessary prerequisite requirements to transfer to Oregon State University to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources.

The Natural Resources bachelor’s degree has twelve different specialty options.  Some of those options include conservation law enforcement, fish and wildlife conservation, policy and management, and wildland fire ecology.  It is important that students talk with an advisor regarding their specialty option so they take the appropriate classes before transferring.

For students who want to enter the workforce after completing the AS in Natural Resources, there are some entry-level jobs available within the Tillamook community.  One common employment option is becoming a technician with local private, state, and federal agencies.

Associate of Science in Natural Resources = 93 credits

  • See the degree worksheet on the following pages for course requirements
For additional information about this degree, please contact the OSU Open Campus Education Coordinator/TBCC Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Forestry Coordinator at 503-842-8222 ext. 1870.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Associate of Science in Natural Resources, students will be able to:

  • Describe ecological processes, including human impacts that influence ecosystem change, natural succession, and the future sustainability of natural resources.
  • Characterize natural resources and be able to quantify at least one of these resources.
  • Envision desired future conditions in an area to achieve a set of natural resource-related objectives.
  • Work effectively with, and within, interdisciplinary and diverse groups to resolve management problems and achieve management objectives.
  • Meets general education outcomes.

Degree Worksheet

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Degree Map

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