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Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer in Education

AAOT Education LANG ART Elementary Middle Path 2021


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Elementary/Middle Education Transfer Pathway to Western Oregon University


This program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, including an initial Oregon Teaching License in four years.  During the first two years, at TBCC, students complete required general education and pre-education courses that fully prepare the student to enter the WOU professional school of Education in the Elementary/Middle concentration. Students completing this program will be qualified to teach all grades in an elementary school plus one subject area in middle school. Specific subject options include: \

1. Concentration: Elementary/Middle Social Science   
2. Concentration: Elementary/Middle Language Arts   
3. Concentration: Elementary/Middle Math     
4. Concentration: Elementary/Middle Science   

Note: Students interested in teaching High School should NOT follow this guide, and should meet individually with a WOU advisor prior to starting this degree map to create an individualized plan.

Learning Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Student who successfully complete this program will be able to:

o Seamlessly transfer, with no loss of credit, to the Western Oregon Professional School of Education in Elementary/Middle Education.

o Meets all learning outcomes of the Oregon AAOT;

 ARTS & LETTERS: Interpret and engage in the Arts & Letters, making use of the creative process to enrich the quality of life; and critically analyze values and ethics within a range of human experience and expression to engage more fully in local and global issues.

 MATHEMATICS: Use appropriate mathematics to solve problems; and Recognize which mathematical concepts are applicable to a scenario, apply appropriate mathematics and technology in its analysis, and then accurately interpret, validate, and communicate the results.

 SCIENCE/COMP SCIENCE: Gather, comprehend, and communicate scientific and technical information in order to explore ideas, models, and solutions and generate further questions; Apply scientific and technical modes of inquiry, individually, and collaboratively, to critically evaluate existing or alternative explanations, solve problems, and make evidence-based decisions in an ethical manner; and Assess the strengths and weaknesses of scientific studies and critically examine the influence of scientific and technical knowledge on human society and the environment.

 SOCIAL SCIENCE: Apply analytical skills to social phenomena in order to understand human behavior; and Apply knowledge and experience to foster personal growth and better appreciate the diverse social world in which we live.

 SPEECH/ORAL: Engage in ethical communication processes that accomplish goals; Respond to the needs of diverse audiences and contexts; and Build and manage relationships.

 WRITING: Read actively, think critically and write purposefully and capable for academic and, in some cases, professional audiences; Locate, evaluate, and ethically utilize information to communicate effectively; and Demonstrate appropriate reasoning in response to complex issues. 

 INFORMATIONAL LITERACY: (embedded in writing courses) Formulate a problem statement; Determine nature and extent of the information needed to address the problem; Access relevant information he use of information effectively and efficiently; Evaluate information and its source critically; Understand many of the economic, legal and social issues surrounding the use of information

Example Degree Maps

Example Degree Map: Social Science - Elementary-Middle School Path


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AAOT Education SOC SCI Elementary Middle Path 2021


Example Degree Map: Language Arts - Elementary-Middle School Path


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AAOT Education LANG ART Elementary Middle Path 2021


Example Degree Map: Math - Elementary-Middle School Path



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AAOT Education MATH Elementary Middle Path 2021


Example Degree Map: Science - Elementary-Middle School Path



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AAOT Education SCIENCE Elementary Middle Path 2021

Total Credit Hours: 94-100