2019-2020 College Catalog

Nursing (AAS at Oregon Coast Community College)

TBCC has developed a partnership with Oregon Coast Community College and Tillamook Regional Medical Center to provide training for skilled nurses in Tillamook County. This degree is granted by Oregon Coast Community College (in consortium with Portland Community College). TBCC offers program prerequisites, general education, and nursing-related coursework. All Nursing (NUR) courses are offered by Oregon Coast Community College at TBCC via Zoom technology and require admission to their program.

Registered Nurses (RNs) are caring and use their knowledge, skills and problem-solving to help individuals, families, and groups with health needs. RNs plan care and work with people to help them become healthier or to regain health after illness or surgery. Nurses teach health practices to clients and other health care providers, and frequently supervise the work of nursing assistants and practical nurses. RNs also administer medications and perform treatments for patients. Nurses work in a variety of settings, including hospitals and long-term care, schools, industry, clinics, and patients’ homes. With advanced education, nurses may work as managers, educators, public health nurses, as clinical specialists, or independently as nurse practitioners.

The nursing program is academically and physically rigorous. As a nursing student, you need to be able to grasp scientific concepts, set up and answer basic math and algebra problems and communicate well verbally and in writing. Program information and an application can be obtained on the Oregon Coast Community College website; http://www.oregoncoastcc.org/portfolio/associate-of-applied-science/