2018-2019 College Catalog

Degree Partnership Agreement & Four-Year Transfer Options

In order to assist TBCC students to achieve their career and education goals, TBCC offers a number of options for students planning to transfer to other colleges and universities. These programs make it easier to tailor your education to fit your personal goals, preferences and timelines.

Degree Partnership Program with Oregon State University

The Degree Partnership Program (DPP) with Oregon State University (OSU) provides an opportunity for students to complete one application process and be admitted to TBCC and OSU. Students will be assigned advisors at both schools, gain increased flexibility in scheduling with access to more courses, and enjoy opportunities to access services and participate in college life on both campuses. OSU offers online courses and four -year degree programs that can be completed in Tillamook County or DPP students can take oncampus courses and pursue additional on- campus degree programs. Contact the OSU Open Campus Coordinator by phone at (503) 842-8222 ext. 1870.

Four-Year Transfer

You can complete undergraduate general education credits at TBCC and transfer them to a four-year university. It is important that you work with a career education advisor at TBCC and the school where you intend to tranfer to ensure you are taking courses that will meet the requirements for the school you plan to attend.

Degree Partnerships in Healthcare with other Community Colleges

Tillamook Bay Community College has developed partnerships with several colleges and Tillamook Regional Medical Center to provide training for several healthcare occupations in Tillamook County. These certificates and degrees are granted by partner colleges, but TBCC offers program prerequisites, general education requirements, related coursework, and sometimes program courses. The programs are all offered predominantly or completely through distance learning so that students can complete the programs while still residing in Tillamook County. These are programs that TBCC is unable to support independently because of limited opportunities for required clinical experiences in Tillamook County. All programs require application to the partner college and to the specific program. In order to ensure that students are able to complete required clinical experiences in Tillamook County, admissions to each program from Tillamook County are limited to one to five students per year. See more detailed information and curriculum.