2018-2019 College Catalog

Associate of Applied Science Degrees

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

The Associate of Applied Science degree is awarded to students in career technical education (CTE) programs who meet the requirements listed below. Many career technical programs require more than 90 credits for an associate degree. See specific program requirements in the degree programs following this section of the catalog.

All AAS candidates must complete a program of approved course work in the major field.

Associate of Applied Science Requirements

Comprehensive Requirements

  1. All candidates must earn a minimum of 90 credits which count toward an associate degree. Credit courses numbered below 100 cannot be used to fulfill the 90 credit minimum requirement for any degree.
  2. Resident Coursework Requirement: All candidates for a degree at TBCC must accumulate at least 30 credits of satisfactory work at TBCC to establish residency. Non-traditional credit, credit transferred from another institution or challenge credit cannot be used to establish the 30 credit resident coursework requirement.
  3. All candidates for a degree must have a 2.0 GPA (C average).
  4. Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirement limits are:
    • TBCC courses approved to be repeated for credit other than Cooperative Education may only be applied once in meeting a TBCC degree or certificate requirement. Students may take a course additional times for credit, if the course is so designated, but those additional credits may not be used toward fulfilling TBCC degree or certificate requirements.
    • Certain CTE programs have exceptions to this requirement. Contact a career education advisor for information.
    • In cases where a general education course has been split into a multi-course sequence, i.e., a 101 course becomes 101A, 101B, and 101C, only one course in the sequence may be used to meet the General Education requirement.
    • Max 12 credits of Cooperative Education courses may be applied to degree.
    • Max nine credits of 199 or 299 experimental courses may be applied to degree.
    • Max 24 credits of “P” (Pass) grades will apply to any degree. Specific
    • AAS degrees that deviate from this maximum will state the degree maximum in the degree requirements for the specific AAS degree.

Specific Requirements

If you are planning on earning an AAS degree, you must complete the courses listed in the catalog for your specific major, i.e., Criminal Justice and Public Safety.

The following conditions/limitations apply:

  • Max of three credits (100 level & above) in physical education (PE).
  • If your program or certificate requires a license, you must meet those requirements.
  • A total of 24 credits of the degree requirements must be earned at TBCC. This excludes courses taken only to satisfy General Education requirements. See your instructor if you need to ask for a waiver.


  • Pass WR 121 with a grade of “C” or better OR
  • Pass a lower division collegiate* Writing course that has WR 121 as a prerequisite with a letter grade of “C” or better, OR
  • If you already have a college degree, you do not have to take writing.


  • Pass MTH 70 with a grade of “C” or better, OR
  • Pass a math class (minimum of three credits) with a grade of “C” or better that has MTH 70 or higher as a prerequisite.

General Education Requirements

Take a minimum of 16 credits of General Education taken from the General Education List. Take classes from the following categories:

  • Art and Letters
  • Social Sciences
  • Mathematics, Sciences & Computer Studies

You will need to:

  • Take at least one course with a minimum of three credits from each category.
  • See your advisor for advice on General Education courses.

*If you already have a college degree, you do not need to fulfill the General Education requirements above.